PPUH SOLO ( The SOLO Manufacturing and Trading Company ) has existed from 1995 and from the beginning its activity is engaged in ladies shoes production. We have at our disposal prepared for our needs designing department production preparing, manipulation, sewing work – room and montage line as also well – educated and experienced in shoes production crew. The trunk of our produciton staff compose people with extreme attained in Polish and foreign shoe industry companies. The experience in shoes production (moccasins) we have been achiving for many years thanks to cooperation with Italian companies and designers.

The main assortment composes ladies summer shoes and ladies moccasins destined for women advanced in years. It is comfortable in the usufruct specially designed by qualified designers according to the latest technology and fasion trends. While working over new models, and also during the production we pay special attention to make our shoes elastic and soft so the foot can feel comfortable in it. The whole of our production is made of the best quality natural and syntetic materials. Thanks to bringing into practise suitable materials the shoes which are comfortable and easy fitting to feet, that is why we pay special attention to proper designing shoes and to good selection of materials.

Our shoes gained acceptance of our clients and specialists evaluating the quality of shoes which can be proofed by opinion qualified them to group of shoes on sensitive feet; published by the Institute of Leather Industry in Łódź, Centre of Rehabilitation Sz. Weiss’s in Konstancin Jeziorna and Central Centre of Medical Technique in Warsaw in the range of accordance constructional - technological and materials solutions.